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August, 18 to 21 2016

Festival dell'Asinara

“Qui, nell’isola dei sardi, ogni andare è un ritornare” Carlo Levi

Asinara, the Italian Alcatraz. Subtracted for over a century from its local context, the ancient Sinuaria (sinus-shaped) is a bit like a language that no one has been speaking for a long time. A dead language that suddenly comes back to life to be used again. How do they say? You have to become familiar with languages, use them according to the rules. That is why a place that is still - after over a decade from its establishment as a National Park - perceived as difficult just needs to be “used” according to the rules. Because the balance of places like Asinara is always very delicate, on the fringe of uncertainty. And that is why books and films are together: if the basic idea of Le isole del cinema is trying to exert thoughts on cinema, trying to create visions - or wishes to retrieve lost ones - which can trace a horizon in feeble contemporary Italian culture, the idea of travelling all over the island with a book in your hands to go and see a film is perhaps one of the most appropriate ways to live those places on tiptoe, in a discreet and respectful way. Once a place from which it was impossible to escape, the island appears today, paradoxically and especially for the Sardinians, a place where it is difficult to go. Pensieri e Parole helps in changing this perception of inaccessibility.

The audience which queues to embark at the pier of Stintino, which crosses that short stretch of sea that once foreshadowed a long non-return, which strolls along the paths of the Park, which sits in front of the screen in the evening and discusses stories and characters with screenwriters, critics, directors and writers, has welcomed that idea. And it also passionately participates in the game of establishing an ideal library on the island by carrying a book to donate, your own book, where you may write briefly the reasons for choosing it. As if it were a dedication - wishing to answer the question “what book would you take to a desert island”? Because Asinara is nature, flora, fauna, landscape. But also memory: the huge prison for the big mafia bosses, terrorists, the government decree 41-bis. You cannot travel around the island without feeling the presence of the human stories silently witnessed by corridors, cells, walls, parlours: memories of those who suffered from both sides of the bars. That is also why in the section “Nuovo carcere paradiso” the festival presents films belonging to the prison movie genre, and hosted several debates on the issues of justice, imprisonment and rights. It also marked the island as the place with the best national memory by the laying of a plaque in the house that accommodated Paolo Borsellino, Giovanni Falcone and their families during the summer of 1985. When Carlo Levi wrote the sentence that we chose as epigraph since the first edition of the festival, he alluded to the fact that also in Sardinia you can discover the dual presence of the old and the new, the ancient and the contemporary, which made every trip to the island a retracing of one’s memory. The tribute to Levi also intends to be a thanks and a wish to the guests and friends who shared, and will share with us, days, words and thoughts. Sante Maurizi
Aureliano Amadei * Roberto Andò * Alessandro Angelini * Giulio Angioni * Giovanni Arcuri * Giuseppe Ayala * Angela Baraldi * Davide Barletti * Irene Bignardi * Valerio Binasco * Maurizio Braucci * Gianfranco Cabiddu * Maria Teresa Camoglio * Loris Campetti * Antonio Capuano * Gianni Caria * Fabio Cavalli * Ascanio Celestini * Daniele Cesarano * Andrea Cosentino * Lella Costa * Giancarlo De Cataldo * Antonella Ferrera * Vincenzo Ferrara * Simonetta Fiori * Marcello Fois * Iaia Forte * Michelangelo Frammartino * Chiara Gamberale * Massimo Gaudioso * Antonello Grimaldi * Leonardo Guarnotta * Francesca Inaudi * Fiorella Infascelli * Tatiana Lepore * Andrej Longo * Massimo Lugli * Pietro Marcello * Peter Marcias * Francesca Melandri * Astrid Meloni * Salvatore Mereu * Alan O’Leary * Gianni Olla * Massimo Onofri * Valentino Parlato * Sandra Petrignani * Enrico Pitzianti * Domenico Procacci * Cosimo Rega * Fabio Rosi * Stefano Rulli * Simone Sassu * Marco Saura * Elia Schilton * Kasia Smutniak * Valeria Solarino * Armando Spataro

(libri e film all’Asinara)
Location: Isola dell’Asinara
Sponsored and organized by: Cinearena
Art direction: Sante Maurizi
Organizational direction: Daniela Cossiga
Technical area: Michele Grandi, Paolo Palitta
Assistance to art direction: Antonella Masala
Public relations: Gianni Cossu
Communication, press office and media relations: Silvana Porcu
Festival presenters: Sante Maurizi, Massimo Onofri
Backstage photo: Massimiliano Caria
Video technical coordination: Marco Tolu
Staging and set design: Progetto Palco
In collaboration with: Giuliana Atzori, Marcello Fele, Nadia Madeddu, Paolo Madeddu, Gabriele Mura, Michele Rando, Sergio Scavio, Veronica Pisu Un ringraziamento particolare: Antonello Catacchio, Pierpaolo Congiatu, Giuseppe Grieco, Antonello Grimaldi, Francesco Calcagnini, Aldo Addis, Libreria Koine’, Gloria Satta, Patriza Wächter.