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Semptember 30 to 2 october Carloforte, December, 8 to 11 Cagliari

Festival di Carloforte

For decades the lack of structured regular debates about music for films can be noted, for decades we have limited ourselves to this consideration, which is apparently contradicted (but actually reaffirmed) by the usual celebration events of this or that musician. Creuza de Mà, the Carloforte festival dedicated to film music, has been an exception to the rule - rather - an exception that is so systematic and long-lived (six consecutive editions so far) to have become the rule. It is as if we had suddenly passed from words to facts, a sudden willingness that is not very common in this country. From the very beginning, under the careful, meticulous, patient guide of Gianfranco Cabiddu a working group was formed. They saw the festival as a great opportunity to do finally what was possible to do only partially in criticism and university teaching: by creating a sort of open laboratory to gather musical and critical-theoretical activities in all their facets. The live performance, then, from a spectacular moment becomes a moment of reflection, and conversation, in turn, becomes a show. Therefore, every musician left a double contribution that made this Carloforte experience very rich from every point of view. What was more exciting? The live performances by important musicians like Wim Mertens, Paolo Fresu, Mauro Pagani, Peppe Servillo, Nicola Piovani, Antonello Salis, Rita Marcotulli (the list continues) or what they had to say on the music profession, their experiences, their stories? Difficult, or useless, to decide.

There was also a lot of cinema at Creuza de Mà. Cinema to be seen, invisible cinema, but especially cinema to be listened to. On few other occasions this is possible to do in Italy. At the cry of “yes , let’s debate”, it was exciting to have the opportunity to talk about it both with film music composers as speakers and with film directors, who were finally involved, at least for once, in a non self-centred, non-authorial but just technical speech in the widest and the most original meaning of the term. When talking about music and sound with directors you may discover how much direction is in the creation of a sound field, as well as a visual one; and in the end, by closing the circle, you may understand their cinema much better. This is what happened for the Taviani brothers, Giuseppe Piccioni, Davide Ferrario, Alessandro Piva and for the many other cinematographers we had the pleasure to talk to, which is mainly the pleasure of understanding. The festival has also the additional value of not merely ratifying what has already been in the fore at an international level; we certainly did not invent Mertens or Piovani. In these years Creuza de Mà has shown how one can simultaneously bet on new names, who are still writing their story, as in the case of Paolo Buonvino, Andrea Farri and Teho Teardo, who came here to Carloforte as great promises, then widely kept. Luca Bandirali e Riccardo Giagni

Per saperne di più visita il sito web del festival: www.festivalcarloforte.org

Monica Affatato * Alessandro Aronadio * Alexander Balanescu * Banda Osiris * Luca Bandirali * Big Band Scuola Civica di Musica di Cagliari * Bruno Bigoni * Luciano Biondini * Mario Brai * Vieri Bugli * Paolo Buonvino * Francesco Cabras * Paolo Carrus * Danilo Cherni * Comparetti Di Paddeu * Rocco De rosa * Luciano D’Onofrio * Andrea Farri * Michele Fedrigotti * Davide Ferrario * Paolo Fresu * Riccardo Giagni * Enzo Gentile * Maurizio Geri * Javier Girotto * Antonello Grimaldi * Silvano Lobina * Pierfrancesco Loche * Curzio Maltese * Teresa Marchesi * Cristian Marcia * Rita Marcotulli * Luigi Marmo * Rovere Matteo * Laura Mazza * Wim Mertens * Raffaella Milazzo * Alberto Molinari * Gavino Murgia * Caterina Murino * Nada * Vittorio Nevano * Nielsa * Mauro Pagani * Mauro Palmas * Marco Antonio Pani * Marcello Peghin * Luca Percivale * Giuseppe Piccioni * Nicola Piovani * Alberto Pisu * Alessandro Piva * Alborada Quartet * Costanza Quatriglio * Paola Randi * Maurizio Rizzuto * Antonello Salis * Patrizia Santageli * Peppe Servillo * Louis Siciliano * Sikitikis * Solis string quartet * Simonetta Soro * Giovanna Taviani * Giuliano Taviani * Vittorio Taviani * Teho Teardo * Romano Usai * Gudrum Vertcampt * Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani * Michele Vietri * Vondelpark

(la musica e il suono nel cinema)
Location: Isola di San Pietro, Carloforte
Sponsored and organized by: Associazione Backstage
Art direction: Gianfranco Cabiddu
Organizational direction: Mattea Lissia
Technical area: Giovanni Melis, Michele Palmas
Public relations: Mattea Lissia
Communication, press office and media relations: Riccardo Sgualdini, Cristiano Bandini
Secretariat logistics: Diana Bertinetti
Curator of the exhibition: Backstage
Festival presenters: Luca Bandirali, Riccardo Giagni, Enzo Gentile
Backstage photo: Eugenio Schirru
Video technical coordination: Sandro Bartolozzi, Antonio Cauterucci
Staging and set design: Botti du Schoggiu.
In collaboration with: Carolina Giordano, Michele Rando, Curzio Maltese, Sonya Orfalian, Luciana Porricino, Ignazio Fulghesu, Antonello Grimaldi, Francesco Angius, Susanna Piga, Giorgio Maurandi, Gianpaolo Aste, Roberto Luxoro, Beppe Lodde, Roberto Aymerich, Cristina Suardi, Leonardo Cabiddu, Lisanna Farris, Rossella Cinellu, Greta Puggioni, Maria Elena Tiragallo, Francesca Aste, Agostino Strina, Cesare Rivano, Vanna Cavassa, Francesca Migliaccio, Helena Impera, Katia Canavera, Carmen Porricino , Giulia Guadalupi, Giulia, Angius, Maria Tavella, Caterina Rossino, Angelo Ferraro, Andrea Parodo, Matteo Stefanelli, Piergiuseppe Monachella
Special thanks to: Fondazione De Andre’, Antonio Maraldi, Exit - Luogo Giovani Comune di Carloforte, Proloco di Carloforte, La Banda Musicale Città di Carloforte, Sebastiano Leone.